Scrappers Gym Presents: Inclusive Boxing Showcase Round 2

Scrappers Boxing Gym are holding their second Fight Night on Saturday August 11th at Midday.Disability session

Every Friday morning Scrappers Gym offer an Inclusive boxing session which allows participants with physical and/or learning disabilities to take part in boxing for fitness and for sparring if they wish to. They are putting on a Fight Night on the above date at the gym so the participants can experience a fight in a controlled safe environment against the coaches.

Here’s a video from last year of what went on:

Cancelled Cycling Sessions Summer 2018

Due to athletics events, we are sorry to inform that the following Cycling sessions have been cancelled:

  • Friday 29th June – Cycle Drop In
  • Thursday 5th July – Cycling For Health
  • Friday 6th July – Cycle Drop In
  • Monday 9th July – Cycling For Health
  • Thursday 12th July – Cycling For Health
  • Friday 13th July – Cycle Drop In
  • Friday 20th July – Cycle Drop In