Swindon Special Olympics update – 15th Jan 2015

The Special Olympics project is off to a very exciting start in 2015, we have restarted a learning disability football team again here in Swindon, with numbers as high as 17 adults attending. The guys that are currently attending are enjoying the social side of playing together and looking forward to competing this year. Session is on Mondays at Futsal 1.30-2.30pm

An inclusive tennis session for a wide range of physical and learning disabilities has also been set up on Wednesday 1-2pm at Delta Tennis Centre , with one court available for those who are there to enjoy the sport of tennis at an entry level and a court available for the potential future Special Olympics athletes who have shown prowess when it comes to holding a rally!

A new boccia and athletics session has now started for participants at OK4Uat Christchurch Community Centre on Fridays 1-2pm. This is coached by Richard Overton who is enjoying a unique session where the participants can sample a variety of activities. The boccia aspect of the session will help contribute players to the ever-growing Saturday morning session, where they can develop their skills further.

Swindon will be an accredited Special Olympics club within the next few months, this means that we can register adults and young people with a learning disability to start competing, this will then permit participants to potentially compete right up to an international standard with the right training and guidance.

Up next for the Swindon Special Olympics club is to start an athletics session with the help of the Swindon Harriers athletics club, this will be a very exciting development that will enable all abilities, both physical and learning to be coached in track events, as well as jumps and throws.



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